Gutter Guard SA 

(DRP Universal Pty Ltd)

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Will our products suit your roof?
Yes, the gutter protection systems we use will suit 99% of gutters! Roofs can differ from one another but our systems are very versatile and suit the majority of gutters. If, on the off chance our systems will not work, we will get you a product that does. Most houshold gutters in South Africa are 125mm or 150mm wide and 80mm deep.

 2) What gutter guard is best for you?

A few things determine what guard you need:

  •  Type of debris common in the area.
  • ⦁The type of gutters you have installed on your premises.
  • ⦁Bush-fire danger.
  • ⦁Price.
  • ⦁The fashion in which your roof and gutter have been constructed.
  • ⦁Wildlife in the area.

 3) Do you have to maintain gutter guard?

Yes, every gutter protection system will need a certain amount of maintenance. Our products require very minimal maintenance. The main thing you may have to do from year to year is simply check there is minimal silt build up in your guttering, if so give it a quick hose out and you're done. Our system allows you to hose through the guard.